• In 1992 on this day, the South African Olympic team participated for the first time in 22nd Olympic Games staged in Barcelona.

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Mobile Tax Units
Find out where our mobile units are this tax season and see our tax workshops to learn more about tax, read more
Customs busts
SARS has released its latest statistics of Customs busts for the period 1 January 2018 until 30 June 2018. The total value of all goods confiscated amounts to R1.7 billion,read more
Forgot eFiling password?
We realise that you only file your tax once a year so it’s easy to forget your password. So if you’ve forgotten your eFiling password, here's some help, read more
Tax Season 2018
Tax Season for Individuals is open and runs from 1 July to 31 October 2018. NO SWEAT! read more
Single registration
Allows taxpayers to register, maintain and view associated tax and customs registrations in a consolidated tax profile, read more
Customs requirements for travellers
SARS would like to clarify a recent confusion in the media about Customs requirements for travellers returning to South Africa with personal valuables, read more
Customs Sufficient Knowledge Launch
The Customs Sufficient Knowledge (CSK) Module went live for selected client types on 11 May, read more
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Important Dates

25-07-2018 - VAT manual submissions and payments

30-07-2018 - Excise Duty payments

31-07-2018 - VAT electronic submissions and payments

31-07-2018 - CIT Provisional Tax Payments

07-08-2018 - PAYE submissions and payments

24-08-2018 - VAT manual submissions and payments

30-08-2018 - Excise Duty payments

31-08-2018 - VAT electronic submissions and payments

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Report Tax Crime

?Scam Alert
You can report a tax or customs crime anonymously through our online form....

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